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Trade-In Your Old Vehicle or Currently Financed Car and Unleash the Power of Your Buying Potential

  • Maximize Your Trade-In Value
  • Hassle Free and Streamlined Process
  • Enhance and Boost Your Buying Power
  • Upgrade to your Dream Car

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From the desk of:
Robbie - Founder of 718 All Access

Dear Car Shopper,

Are you tired of settling for lackluster trade-in offers and feeling like you're leaving money on the table?

It's time to take control of your automotive destiny and unlock the hidden gold in your car trade-in with 718 All Access Auto Leasing & Sales.

Imagine this: Instead of being at the mercy of uninterested buyers and predatory dealerships, you have a proven system that maximizes the value of your trade-in and simplifies the entire process.

We've developed an unmatched approach that empowers you to command top dollar for your vehicle and enjoy a seamless transaction every step of the way..

Here are three major benefits of trading in your vehicle with 718 All Access:

Maximize Your Trade-In Value

  • Our team of industry experts possesses unrivaled market knowledge and connections, ensuring that you receive the best trade-in value for your vehicle.
  • ​Through our extensive network of dealerships, wholesalers, and private buyers, we create a competitive bidding environment, driving up the value of your trade-in and leaving you with more money in your pocket.

Effortless and Streamlined Process

  • Say goodbye to the endless paperwork and time-consuming negotiations. When you trade in your vehicle with us, we handle all the details, making the entire process as smooth as can be.
  • From paperwork to inspections, our experienced team takes care of everything, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – finding your ideal car. Sit back and relax as we streamline the entire journey for you.

Enhance and Boost Buying Power

  • Your trade-in is not just a mere transaction; it's a gateway to unlocking your buying potential. We help you leverage the value of your trade-in to upgrade to the vehicle of your dreams.
  • With our wide range of leasing and financing options, you have the flexibility to choose the perfect car that fits your lifestyle and budget. Let us empower you to drive off in style, armed with unbeatable terms and exceptional value.

Don't let the opportunity to maximize your trade-in value pass you by. Join the countless satisfied customers who have unlocked their buying potential with 718 All Access Auto Leasing & Sales.

Remember, the road to your dream car starts here. Fill out the short form now and experience a trade-in process that exceeds your expectations.

To your automotive success,


Founder, 718 All Access

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"oh what an easy experience... I basically did nothing but sign... I love it!

Carmen, NY

"Great experience... Fantastic.. this is my second car... always a great experience with the whole team"

Tom, NY

"Awesome... I highly recommend 718 All Access... the process is so easy..."

George, NY

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